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Residential Fencing – Commercial Fencing – Temporary Construction Site Fencing & Gates
Temporary Construction Fence (American Made)
Commercial Fencing

Whether you want to rent a fence with posts driven into the ground, concreted in, or fences with stands, our fencing products are constructed to the highest quality and are sturdy yet temporary. We can assist you to define how much fence and the options that will be required to achieve your goal. From product variety all the way through temporary fence installation and removal, we will work closely with you to ensure that your temporary fencing needs are met.



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Commercial Fencing

Commercial Fencing Securing Construction Sites (commercial, residential, heavy construction, demolition, renovation)
Commercial Fencing Crowd Control (concerts, auto races, marathons, festivals)
Commercial Fencing Portable Fence

Commercial Fencing
Commercial Fencing
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Why Us?
As a result of our success in the commercial market, we have become one of the largest purchasers of Ameristar fence products and our work is visible all around the St. Louis area, such as stadiums, health care facilities, museums, schools, and corporate campuses. With this buying power, we will take the same expertise and knowledge and apply them to residential jobs providing a lower cost product combined with superior service for any metal fence need.


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JB Fence & Fabrication Commercial Fencing

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JB Fence & Fabrication Gates & Gate Operators

JB Fence & Fabrication Chain Link Fence

JB Fence & Fabrication Wrought Iron Fence

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JB Fence & Fabrication Temporary Construction Site Fencing


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