Echelon II: Industrial Ornamental Aluminum Fence

Aluminum Option
(American Made)

Echelon II: Industrial Ornamental Aluminum Fence

Echelon II is the strongest and most durable aluminum fence available in the industry. Echelon II’s ForeRunner rail design allows this fence to have numerous attributes uncommon to classic aluminum fences.

Echelon aluminum fence products are assembled with an internal picket to rail retaining rod, making this aluminum fence a more attractive alternative to the exposed screws or rivets on traditional aluminum fences. Echelon II aluminum fences have a unique post design with an internal reinforcing web which increases the strength of the overall fence significantly.

POSTS: 2.5”sq. x .080” & 3”sq. x .120 wall / PICKETS: 1”sq. x 0.062 wall / RAILS: 1.75”w x 1.75”h ForeRunner

Panel Heights: 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, 8’, 9” & 10”

Echelon II


  • Assisted Living Facilities Fencing
  • Municipal Facilities Fencing
  • Parks & Recreations Fencing
  • Self-Storage Fencing
  • Retail Outlet Fencing
  • Stadium Fencing
  • School Campus Fencing
  • Institutions Fencing
  • Public Housing Fencing


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