Residential Fencing

Steel Option(American Made)

Ameristar’s Montage line of fences is the leader in residential steel fencing. The styles available with the Montage give a residence the classic look of wrought-iron fencing without the maintenance demanded by traditional wrought-iron.

Ameristar’s galvanized steel Montage line is available in black and bronze finishes. All the Montage line has profusion welded fence panels with E-coat finish. Fence panels are fabricated through a welding technique that combines laser and fusion technology to create a virtually invisible structural connection of materials. Montage is an excellent choice for residential pools thanks to the multistage pre-treatment/wash, duplex cathodic electrocoat system finished with epoxy primer and acrylic topcoat, which increases corrosion protection and provides the protection necessary to withstand adverse weathering effects. Backed by a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.

The standard Montage galvanized steel fence with 5/8” sq picket is best known for its outstanding strength, derived from the ForeRunner rail design. There are two and three runner options. The two runner style ranges in height from 3’ to 5‘ tall in increments of 6″. The three runner design can be as much as 6‘ tall. There’s an option for the 3“ picket spacing for smaller pets.

Montage Plus has a 3/4” sq picket and is a heavier ornamental steel fence compared to Montage. It is ideal for both residential and light commercial applications. The two and three runner styles range in height from 3’ to 6‘ tall. The Montage Plus PPP is an option for 3“ picket spacing for smaller pets.

Photo on right shows the Montage three runner Genesis w/ finials.

See the Montage Commercial page for taller and/or stronger versions of the Montage fence line.


Montage Residential

Minimum Order 100 Linear Feet

Aluminum Option(American Made)

Highest quality residential and light commercial ornamental aluminum fence in the industry. Echelon has a maintenance free, durable finish that enables Ameristar to offer a limited lifetime warranty.

Ameristar’s Echelon line of aluminum fence with 5/8” sq picket is best known for its outstanding strength, derived from a unique ForeRunner rail design. The ForeRunner rail allows this aluminum fence to follow changes in elevation while maintaining a secure distance under the fence. The Echelon rail also has an internal reinforcing web that allows the fence to take more abuse than conventional ornamental aluminum fences.

Ameristar’s Echelon Plus with a 3/4” sq picket has taken the quality and performance of aluminum ornamental fencing to a higher level. The strength characteristics of the reinforced rail and posts, coupled with a superior powder coat finish, make Echelon Plus the most durable ornamental picket product on the market.

Echelon is also an excellent choice for residential pools thanks to the 9-stage aluminum powder coating process.

Available in white, black and bronze finishes and heights ranging from 3-1/2’ tall to 6′ tall, with heights available in 6″ increments.

 Photo on the right shows an Echelon Majestic in a three runner style.

Echelon Residential

Minimum Order 100 Linear Feet

Vinyl Option(American Made)

Legend Vinyl Fencing by Master Halco offers vinyl fencing to meet your every need. With a variety of styles, colors and accessories, we’re sure they have a fence for you. Keep in mind vinyl fencing is incredibly low-maintenance, meaning you don’t have to worry about ever painting, sanding or staining a fence again! The durability of vinyl means your fence will last for decades, not just years.

Master Halco’s Legend line of vinyl fence, made with the highest quality PVC, providing color and UV protection to the vinyl materials. The Legend line has popular wood grain patterns and solid color options. Panels and gates easily follow the natural slope of the yard. Gates have self-closing hinges with polymer covers, gate stop and latch plate. Manufacturer offers a transferable limited lifetime warranty, one of the industry’s best.

Multiple styles to choose from:

  • Solid Privacy
  • Specialty Solid Privacy
  • Lattice Top Privacy
  • Spindle Top Privacy
  • Semi-privacy
  • Picket
  • Closed Picket
  • Ranch Rail

Color options are white, tan and khaki. Not all colors are available at all times.


Minimum Order 100 Linear Feet

Wood Option(American Made)

Please ask our JB Fence residential salesperson what the options are for cedar or treated wood fencing. We source the wood from multiple suppliers based on availability and price.

Wood fences have a traditional look but will require ongoing maintenance such as painting or staining them every few years. There are several types you can choose based on your preferences.

Wood panel fencing improves privacy and security. There are two basic types of panel fence styles, a solid panel fence or shadowbox panels that use alternating boards on each side of the fence rail to give the fence the same look on both sides.

Picket fencing adds a decorative element and is best for large pets, since little ones could slip through the wide gaps. These fences have spaced boards or pickets running along one side of the fence rail.


Minimum Order 100 Linear Feet

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