Aluminum Option
(American Made)


Our Echelon line of residential aluminum fence is best known for its unique ForeRunner rail design. The ForeRunner rail allows this aluminum fence to follow changes in elevation while maintaining a secure distance under the fence. Contributing to the strength of the Echelon aluminum fence is its internally strengthened components. The Echelon rail also has an internal reinforcing web that allows the fence to take more mishandling than conventional aluminum fences.

The Echelon has no unsightly screws or rivets like other aluminum fences – having the appealing look of a traditional wrought-iron fence, but with none of the complicated and costly maintenance required by wrought-iron.

Echelon has a maintenance free, long-lasting finish that enables our residential aluminum fencing to offer a lifetime limited warranty.

POSTS: 2”sq x .060” wall / PICKETS: 0.590”sq. x 0.50” wall / RAILS: 1.125”w x 1”h ForeRunner Height Options: 4’, 4.5’, 5 & 6’



  • Backyard Fencing
  • HOA Fencing
  • Builder’s Fencing
  • Apartment Fencing


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